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Failed tech: Xeno Geology tech line is not available to Vigilant civs

Published on Monday, May 13, 2024 By Croc411 In GalCiv IV Bug Reports

Version: v2.5

Details: the Xeno Geology tech line (Xeno Geology, Weather Control, Weather Control Zenith) is not available to Vigilant civs, despite being one of the trademarks of that racial ability.

How to reproduce:

- Start game with Arcean civ

- Enter research screen, click Tech Navigator, click Science

-> Xeno Geology tech line should be near the end of the tech tree, but it's not there. Also, if you use the search box to search for Weather Control it is nowhere to be found.


Bug cause:

File MasterTechDefs.xml, line 2825:

Xeno Geology has Atmospheric Scrubbers as prereq, which in turn has Xeno Conservation as prereq which is only available to Aquatic civs. So the whole Xeno Geology line cannot appear if the race is not Aquatic.



Xeno Geology needs Environmental Engineering (or some other tech that is available to everyone) as prereq.

Tried it out through modding and then it worked.