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GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #47 - The Exiles of Iconia

Published on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 By BATTLEMODE In GalCiv IV Dev Journals


The history of the Galactic Civilizations universe is replete with tragedy, and the desperate Iconians are no exception. After spending their lives in service to a Precursor race known as the Arnor and creating themselves synthetic servants called the Yor to further their aims, an Arnor splinter faction called the Dread Lords gave the Yor sentience and set them on the Iconians in an epic act of spite, driving them off their beautiful homeworld of Iconia.

As the events of Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova unfold, the sorry Iconians find themselves on the modest world of New Iconia. Armed with little more than an inclination towards scientific endeavours and a deep and lasting mistrust of anybody not of their own race, the Iconians strive to reclaim themselves an empire in and amongst the turmoil unfolding around them.

This week, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the tools the Iconians have access to at the start of the game, with a note that, as always, the Homeworld Event content requires the optional “Tales of Centauron” DLC.


Like the Altarian Republic, with whom the Iconians share the “Ancient” Civilization Trait, our suspicious friends gain immediate access to the Elemental Fabricator. With a cheeky nod to a previous popular Stardock title, I think, this adds an immediate +5 Manufacturing to the Core World it is built upon. This is likely to be New Iconia at the start of the game, unless you’re particularly patient, with plans for an epic-scale industrial planet later in your empire’s development. With +1 Manufacturing and +1 Military to any adjacent assets, it could form a solid centrepiece for such a development.


The Tower of Procipinee boosts the Influence output of the Core World it is located upon by +10%, but better still, doubles the Intelligence of all Citizens located there. With a +2 Research Adjacency Level Bonus and added to the Iconian’s Civilization Trait “Clever”, when carefully placed it will greatly advance their civilization’s overall research efforts. The Iconians might find it hard making friends, but they’ll have the technological advantage in any given conflict!


With the “Tales of Centauron” DLC added, the Iconians will get a homeworld Event pop up somewhere between turn 2 and turn 9. We’re familiar with these now, so let’s take a look at the choices on offer.


First up is Ancient Archive. Nothing fancy here, this repository of precursor-era knowledge gives a flat out +3 Research boost, and +1 Research to adjacent tile Districts and Improvements, and is designed to slingshot the research-oriented Iconians into a higher level of technological advancement even earlier than their rivals. This could be a wise-choice when playing the Iconians in classic style, powerhousing Research above all other things and hoping to overpower your rivals with the most advanced weaponry in the universe.


Next we have the Bio-Digital Fusion Centre that gives the world+20% Growth and nicely plugs into your Research network with a +3 Research boost to adjacent Districts and Improvements. This might be a good choice on a map with more space for the Iconians to expand, or if you’re planning on an early war and want lots of Soldiers to crush your enemies with!


Finally, we have the Galactic Diplomacy Hub. The Iconians tend to rely on deception over diplomacy, but this provides an option to play nicer with your neighbours, a strong choice if hemmed in early. In cases like this, your only option is a taller playstyle focusing on trade and diplomacy, keeping most of your rivals sweet but with a mind to single out a weaker neighbour and take their worlds with the support of your new-found friends.


The Ancient trait allows the Iconians access to the Civilization Policy called “Heritage Protection”, giving New Iconia (and only that one homeworld) a 100% Influence Growth bonus. With this, the Iconians can pretend to be the Altarians and push their dubious cultural benefits out into the galaxy around them.

Rapid expansion of Influence takes territory fast, but can be a double-edged sword when those borders start pushing in on someone a lot stronger and scarier than you are. Fortunately, the “Paranoid” Civilization Ability means the Iconians fight very well when protected by their own cultural borders; knowing when to push your borders out, and when not to, is a key component of any strong Iconian player’s bag of tricks.

The Iconians traditionally liked to turtle up and outpace their rivals with superior technology, but with these extra tools, they’ve got the option of playing more diplomatically or physically expanding a lot faster too.

Let’s hope they make it back to Iconia itself, where their malevolent progeny await them…



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