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Stardock Releases "Tales of Centauron" for Galactic Civilizations IV

Published on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 By redskittlesonly In GalCiv IV News

Tales of Centauron: A new story-driven DLC expanding the lore of Galactic Civilizations IV

Stardock released "Tales of Centauron", the eagerly awaited DLC for Galactic Civilizations IV today. Set in the game’s Centauron quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy this DLC introduces an array of new content: 

  • Lore-Driven Gameplay: Players can delve into events tailored to the unique traits of each civilization. Engaging in these scenarios while leading a specific civilization unlocks a wealth of civilization-specific technologies, planetary upgrades, and starship components. This feature accentuates the distinctiveness of each species, offering a deeper and more personalized gaming experience. 
  • New Campaign Mission - Return of the Korath: This gripping mission places players at the helm of the Korath Clan. Known for their extreme ideologies, even among the infamous Drengin Empire, the Korath represent a darker, more ruthless aspect of galactic politics and power struggles. 

"In the Galactic Civilizations universe, the Drengin Empire are akin to PG-rated villains. The Korath, however, are on another level of malevolence. Their gameplay would probably get someone demonitized," explains Brad Wardell, Creative Director at Stardock. "Through the Korath, we aim to explore the darker paths a civilization might tread, paths they believe are justifiable." 

  • Exclusive New Content: The DLC also brings a plethora of unique features, including new executive orders, artifacts, and ship components, enriching the overall gameplay and strategic options. 


Get "Tales of Centauron" individually on Steam or the Epic Games Store
Get "Tales of Centauron" as part of the Galactic Civilizations IV Expansion Pass on Steam or the Epic Games Store

Also released today: Free v2.2 Ethnology Update, learn more here.


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