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Thoughts and Suggestions After Winning Game on Godlike

Published on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 By PaulLach In Galactic Civilizations IV

I just completed a game where I won as a custom civ against all of the 23 known civs on the "Godlike" setting.  The first screen snapshot below shows the settings I chose for the galaxy.  I would like to pass along some of my observations and suggestions for improving the game based on what I experienced while playing the game.  I will put one observation and/or suggestion in each post that I will add to this thread so that they can be looked at individually by the coders.

Here is my first observation and suggestion:

The screen snapshot below shows what the universe looked like at the beginning of turn 200 which is the turn on which I won.  It shows that I have total control over 8 of the 9 sectors and yet my Prestige score is only 46% and the remaining civ has a Prestige score of 22%.  Perhaps I do not understand the concept of what "Prestige" is, but I would expect my Prestige score to have been at or near 100% well before this point.  I suggest that the implementation of the Prestige score calculation be looked at again to see if it is really working the way you want it to.