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v2.1 - Ideology Review

Published on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 By Stalker0 In Galactic Civilizations IV

Time to take a look at Ideologies (version 2.1). I am going to use a simple scale for the various ones.

S - Too good, its extremely strong.
A - Solid, I like where its at.
C - Has its moments, not the best one but its got a niche.
F - Underpowered, needs a tune up.
NA - I don't have enough experience with this to make an assessment.


  • Too many ideologies rely on your citizens having specific traits, and those traits are both very random and often very rare. If this is going to remain as a mechanic, there should be a way to give citizens ideologies (maybe like divine empaths make it money or something with some kind of propaganda tech).
  • A lot of ideologies give wonders, I should be able to highlight over the tech and see the wonder, else its difficult for new players to know how good something is.


  • Independence - A
  • Self-Determinism - C
  • Private Property Rights - A
  • Self-Reliance - A
  • Autonomy - C, the benefit is good but a bit late in the game for it.
  • Privacy - F, very random and often at this point I have my approval fixed up already.
  • Competitiveness - F, very late for this bonus, doesn't move the needle nearly as much as you might think.
  • Self-Governess - C
  • Sovereign Identity - NA, this ideology is horribly vague, needs to actually note the mechanics.


  • Iron Fist - C, it has uses but doesn't provide a continuous OOMPH like a lot of other tiers do.
  • Prestige - C
  • Purges - NA
  • Obedience - F, lowering expectations is generally worse than a straight approval bonus, and the rest is pretty random.
  • Secret Police - NA
  • Censorship - A
  • Conscription - F, this late in the game, I can easily crank out 5 transports with minimal difficulty, its never worth a precious culture selection.
  • Oppression - A
  • Big Brother - NA


  • Fairness - A/S, I think on some starts this is the strongest first pick ideology, 3 colony ships can lock up a huge amount of real estate early. that would be good enough, but then a permanent 10% approval is awesome.
  • Representation/Tolerance - C, which one you want depends on your core world to colony ratio. Its a decent boost to influence.
  • Inclusivity - C
  • Universal Rights - C/F, depends on the amount of people, but since you tend to centralize one super influence planet you can bring all the people to this one planet for a big payout.
  • Labor Rights - NA
  • Empowerment - A
  • Diversity - A
  • Utopia - A, Dream of Utopia is very hard to research but if you can bag a "complete 1 research benefit" you are off to the races, and its very hard to stop you from taking over the entire sector.


  • Sacred History - C
  • Social Ties - A, I think this one is bugged right now, but in theory if your a racial pure play this is a massive reduction in crime.
  • Code of Law - A
  • Family Values - C, growth is always good but it takes a while to really pay out versus other benefits that immediately start going.
  • Cultural Pride - F, too random.
  • Preferred Culture - C/F, if you really need approval this late than its got a use, but its a tough sell.
  • Devotion - C, still very random but this deep in the tree you normally know if your going to have a good selection of these people and if you have a decent amount its a pretty solid bonus.
  • Dogma - F, planet resistance seems worthless at the moment, not worth a culture point.
  • Legacy - NA


  • Eureka - S, I agree with some others that the stacking approval bonus is too good, its too easy to get a massive bonus here.
  • Deep Investigation - C
  • Innovation - A, the citizen bonus again is very random but the building is a per colony building that is quite a big boost to research.
  • Early Adoption - C, more science is more science but this more like a 5% research boost as your not always going to pick breakthroughs.
  • Breakthrough - A, again hyperion shrinker really solid wonder.
  • Risk Taking - C, shark tank is a pretty solid wonder though a bit of an oddity in this research focused tree.
  • Futurist - NA
  • Quantum Leap - C, if I'm pushing the research tree I'm normally already got a lot of research brewing, so 1000 research while seemingly very impressive isn't always that big a deal.
  • Singularity - NA


  • Kindness - A
  • Charity - A
  • Peacekeeping - A
  • Altruism - A, this might even be S on very large maps with a lot of civs, but don't have any experience with that.
  • Empathy - F, very weird thematically as your not usually conquering a lot with this hyper diplomacy focus.
  • Forgiveness - C, again weird them and the bonus is often situational.
  • Serenity - A/S, the sheer power of this trait makes it good even when you don't have a lot of people with this trait. And if you!
  • Peacefulness - NA
  • Sanctuary - NA


  • Detached - A
  • Realism - S, honestly you can get a stupid amount of value from this over the long term, and its a weird tree for this to be in.
  • Criminal Ties - F, the executive order is "ok", but it consumes your control for other things, and it doesn't happen enough to be worth it.
  • Moral Relativism - SS, strongest single ideology in the game, stupidly OP.
  • Exploitation - NA
  • Flexibility - A
  • Attrition - A
  • Fatalism - C
  • Terror Stars - NA


  • Unification - C/A, it can be a nice bonus in the right circumstances, you put babylon on your homeworld and your off to the races. But for a first pick you don't always know if your homeworld is going to be the mainstay influence planet, so its more of a gamble on how good this will be.
  • Shared Belief - F, .2 pop per housing district is peanuts, and the increased chance is still too random to commit to.
  • Consensus - A, its got enough in here that its pretty good.
  • Cooperation - NA
  • Unified Coordination - A, could be considered the best military policy in the game.
  • Mass Mobilization - NA
  • Interdependency - NA
  • Solidarity - NA
  • Hive Mind - NA