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GPU usage is at 100 % constantly

Published on Sunday, October 29, 2023 By Jaia In Galactic Civilizations Series

    Just bought a game, playing my first map, i've noticed that my GPU (1050 ti) is constantly running at 100 % even though i'm just on 30-40 turns in a medium sized galaxy and there are almost no moving objects on the screen. It shows dedicated GPU memory usage 3.5 \ 4 gb. It's funny, because the recommendation  regarding gpu is just 1 GB GPU RAM in Steam. CPU is sitting on ~25-30 % usage, RAM (16 GB) is at ~ 54%. By the way, fps is quite low for a 4x game, especially when zooming in. Has anyone experienced that ? Any ideas what can cause it ?

UPD: Started a new game (same settings, all medium) and opened performance tab - same thing, right from turn 1, GPU is at 100 % usage, using 3.6-3.7 gb dedicated gpu ram out of 4 gb. This is really weird.

UPD2: Did some testing, gpu is at 100 % whenever i'm zoomed in on the area of sector which i have a vision of (not in a fog of war) and fps drops down to 40-50. If i zoom out significantly or zoom in on fow it's fine, gpu is not stressed and fps is around 100. Could, perhaps, the galaxy background be streesing gpu so much (the moving clouds\nebula etc.) ?

UPD3: So, i've upgraded gpu (gtx 4060 instead of 1050 ti) and tested galciv4. With the new card, gpu load is 50-65 %, fps is about 125 usually, but at certain point of zooming out it drops to 60 for some reason. CPU load is about 13-15 % (i5 10400f). It looks like Stardock should have specified (in recommended SR) that in order to play Galciv 4 comfortably you need a pretty decent gpu ( smth like 1660\2060 or better). Instead they chose a misleading "1GB VRAM Video Card" entry. With optimization that bad, I honestly don't know how would one play with a 1gb vcard from 2013-2014... I guess it would be close to a slide show. Apparently, honesty is a rare quality nowadays when it comes to business.

If it helps:

CPU i5 10400f
GPU geforce 1050 ti (4gb vram)

latest drivers

16 gb ram

windows 10 version 22h2

galaxy settings: all on medium.

video settings: no AA, no particles, resolution 1080 hd