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v1.99 (LIVE) Changelog - Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova

Published on Monday, October 16, 2023 By RammaStardock In GalCiv IV Support

Hello everyone, 

We are in the home stretch! We are pushing v1.99 live for everyone with some additional changes. The build has a lot of fixes, especially for stability, languages, and gameplay balance. Read below for more information. 

10/18/23 | v1.99 Changelog


  • Fixed the 'Manufacture Populace' abilities so they create synthetic Yor citizens. 


  • Missions no longer abort having events pop up.  

  • The Influence Victory mission now mentions how to get to the Victory Status Screen by hitting the Esc key. 


  • Russian text updates. 

  • Improved French text. 

  • GalCiv community French fixes. Thank you! 

  • Update Credits to add more MVP and community members who've provided valuable feedback.   


  • Bug fix – You can no longer select stars covered by fog of war.   

10/17/23 | v1.99 Changelog


  • Updated key art and main menu logo.  

  • The Mimot colors changed so they are distinguishable from the Terran Alliance. Hat tip to Besban. 


  • Enabled voiceovers throughout the game. 

  • New Krynn theme music. 

  • Raised music playlist capacity (you should hear more variety of late-game music now). 

  • Music is no longer mixed with Sol system events. Oops. 

  • VO volume increased by 15%. 


  • Fixed out-of-memory error. 

  • Planets can no longer have two parent stars (which corrupts save games). 

  • Fixed crashes related to Mercenary ships. 

  • Setting map size to "random" will no longer choose maps that exceed the recommended size for your system spec. 

  • Prevent a soft lock when winning a game and returning to the main menu. 

  • Fixed a crash related to missing Commander ships. 


  • Fixed numerous achievements that were previously not working. 

  • AI builds more cruisers and frigates. 

  • AI is better at building population districts when it runs low on space. 

  • Toned down the genius leader stat buffs. 

  • Genius leaders are much more expensive to hire. 

  • Ascension Points count more towards Prestige Victory. 

  • Total research now counts slightly more towards Prestige Victory. 

  • Influence Victory turns of peace requirement reduced from 10 to 3. 

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't design Freighters but could build them. 

  • Reduced the per-turn bonuses from the endcap techs (instead of stats going up 10% per turn, they go up 3% per turn). 

  • Made Colonial Law Policy available to Crime Lords (like the Xeloxi). 

  • Reduced culture point reward from researching the entertainment tree from 10 to 3. 

  • Hatchers tech is green with a planet icon (hat tip Illuana). 

  • Max players set to 64. 

  • Starting Mainframe improvement no longer provides a free +1 to research. 

  • "Singularity Power Plant," which provides a galactic boost to all civ production cost increased from 500 to 800, the boost to neighboring improvements increased from 2 to 3, and the boost changed from only factories to all types of improvements. 

  • "Torian Academy" per-level research buff increased from 1% to 2%. 

  • The "Precursor Library" cost increased from 60 to 750. 

  • The "Treasure Hunt" mission cost increased from 250 to 300. 

  • "Treasure Hunt" mission rewards are more random. 

  • Krynn loses the Expansionist trait and gains the Aggressive trait. 

  • More artifact powers changed to work on any player, not just enemies. 

  • Colony ships can no longer end their turn inside a planet colonized by another civ. 

  • Giant stars are correctly revealed correctly by the FOW.  


  • New campaign event images. 

  • Minor tweaks to the opening tutorial to emphasize the controls of the game. 

  • Extreme planets, Blackholes, Nebula, Relics, and Ascension Gates will now spawn. 

  • Prestige victory enabled for " The Opportunity," "Alliance Ascendant," " Everything is for sale," and " Radioactive." 

  • Tutorial:  

    • Various Executive Orders are no longer blocked. 

    • Free starting ships other than the probe are spawned.  

    • The Opportunity: Text update explains HOW you scan a planet. 

  • Soul of Machine: Map size reduced from Huge to Medium. 

  • Korath mission is disabled as it needs more work. 

  • Re-enabled the "Victory Status" screen.  

  • Disabled the disabling of the executive orders, which were causing random crashes. 


  • Fix for Culture flipping desync. 

  • Fix to prevent crash/bad stuff when coming back from the PC going to sleep. 

Text / Localization  

  • Minor tweaks to the opening tutorial to emphasize the controls of the game. 

  • All languages are updated. 

  • Fixed font clipping in various languages 

  • Polish language fixes. 

  • Russian fixes for messed up display in Culture window. 

  • Fixes for various typos. 

  • Reduced chef history a bit to not clip. 

  • Broken tags are fixed in Italian. 

  • Fixes to cut off text for French. 


  • Font sizes adjusted for French to prevent cut-off text of extra-large fonts. 

  • Update the Ship Design screen to deal with the changes to the layout. 

  • First Time Tutorial windows now support Voice over. Fix for Research Window, which was calling the music very late in its unhiding. 

  • Increased the size of the citizen description window to fix clipping. 

  • Button mashing no longer makes the bottom bar disappear. 

  • The Prestige progress bar no longer splatters in the game UI when a player is close to winning. 

  • Ensure there is a background galaxy image when selecting the random Galaxy size. 

  • The Starbase Influence Growth tooltip now shows the correct information. 

  • The "open trade" on the first contact now opens the Trade screen. 

  • Fix the Citizen portrait window where icons would disappear, get spurious checkmarks, or be incorrectly highlighted.