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Let the Celebrations begin!

Published on Sunday, October 1, 2023 By Flamescreen In Galactic Civilizations IV

Hello all, have a nice month!

Since this is the month GalacticIV is being released, so it's been 30 years of incorporated existence for Stardock and also 30 years of GC in existance in any platform. I thought up, what is really what makes a company great and long-lasting? I figured it's the people.

People as in CEO and leadership. People as staff and contributors to the products. Bust most of all people that are fans and buyers of the products, keeping the cash flow for a company up to a point where it stays healthy, great and influencing and of course, long-lasting.

For this reason I wanted to share with you a few things I found in my internet travels, or created. Not too much, rather of symbolic nature. These are:

1) Bradley pic. This is for the Terrans civ that has another leader used in the specified area(I like that one too, but would rather was in its own galacticiv).

Bradley Leaderhead

2)The image used from fans in Galacticiv II to create their own art for leaders and such(some of still exist in that metaverse if you go and search). I used that too, but didn't have it in original form and just discovered in recent weeks, so I though I'd share.

GCII artpiece used by fans as background

3)Last but not least, a civ I made with the makers of the game in mind(obviously they are in the game in various ways, but I thought I wanted them all in one place and realised the art and thought was thought up and made with the fans in mind, so I had to share. Enjoy and remember this is my first attempt at making a complete galacticiv after a while, so it will get improved, but later on as I get experience from others I make):

Stardock Galacticiv

Also variants of the logo, cause I usually make a few. I took some art for the logo and added my own tidbits, touch ups and the like. Since I usually make countless tests and iteration of all logos, converted or created, it took me nearly a day to get results I found satisfactory for those 3. I add them in case someone wants a different version, but I think the one I ended up using is the best. The frame on the one I used is supposed to be a scifi type of windowblind btw.

Version 2

version 2

Version 3

Version 3

And ofcourse the portion of the description I couldn't add cause there is no space for it(otherwise I'd add after "technological excellence), in the main galacticiv space(and the no available xml for other fanctions yet didn't allow to add stars, planets names etc. I'll probably be able to add more relevant citizens in a next iteration and maybe by then we'll be given the ability to mod those details which I suppose are locked inside the factions file atm. I used the default Terran ship style with changed names, since I assume this is their style since it's used in the promo):

-"A Race of people with no thumbs(It has been theorised the Ting people got them, after a betrayal by Mark E.) {Btw this sentence probably sounds weird, but I think I got it from a GC III gameplay video of those Brad Wardell would have back then in their youtube channel}

Wardellians believe it to be their right of origin to build a Solar Empire to stand the test of time.

Whether their Galactic Civilization will opt for Star Control and succeed or be sieged and fall to ashes is always relevant to their respective leaders tactics!" I had to change the name to "Virtuary" since it wouldn't take it otherwise and thought I could add some of the text above and did. But it didn't display it after uploading(looks truncated). Hm.