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Double Shipyard error in 1.71

Published on Thursday, September 28, 2023 By winktrounce In Galactic Civilizations IV

In 1.71, the AI produces two shipyards around several Core Worlds.

When the player conquers the sponsor world, only one remains connected to the globe, while the other simply sits there. You can hurriedly produce it, but that is all.

This can cause an unusual problem in which you can build a Colony ship in a non-linked Shipyard (which will not fill with a Colonist) but not launch it until you decommission the Shipyard. Then you can transfer it to the opposite shipyard, pick up a Colonist, and continue your journey. coreball

Weirdly, the Shipyard that remains linked is always the duplicate that lies adjacent to the preferred default Shipyard location, NOT the one in the default Shipyard place.