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Rolls limitations: Can you increase or lift them alltogether?

Published on Monday, September 18, 2023 By Flamescreen In Galactic Civilizations IV

I had this problem yesterday. I knew portions of it existed before. Like, when ACGPT searches for leader pics there are certain rolls for it. "More pics like this one" has rolls. And "More pics" has rolls. So I found this pic yesterday and on the same roll there was another one I liked. So I chosen the other one and thought, "yeah, whatever I will find this one later since it get's repetitive"...

And then I didn't. And I wanted it really much. I rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and run out of rolls. And it did get repetitive somewhat, but not including the one pic I wanted. So I started making custom civs to store some pics I liked, so  that this wouldn't happen again. And then I found these also have rolls. I think 6 custom civs  per session. And 3-4 sessions per day where one can make custom civs before that runs out too.

And I thought to myself "OMG, Stardock says they have 30 years of pics already" btw how much is that anyway? 30k pics? That number gets to my mind when I think of it, is it accurate, or I used the 30 years with wishful thinking there? But to continue "and they make more each day or week, what if I never get to those few pics I thought would come up easily again with rerolls, like never? Cause they were ideal for what I wanted!" 

And my question is, there are so many pics available, why limit the rolls so much? Am I going to remember 5-10-20k or more pics I browsed through? No, even if I don't find all to be of my liking, so pics will look like fresh each time I search, but with no rolls limits I will have the opportunity to maybe find something more akin to what I want. If it is for the "adding new content if a request comes up with no suitable content", how about we click an option to request it ourselves. I'm sure at least for that we'll be better than AI at suggesting what is missing.

Since I raised the issue on that. Some Civs have either no portraits(512x512) available or mistaken links and the portraits might be missing as well. I made 4-5 portraits for civs that didn't have any/had wrong associations yesterday alone. Can we send them somewhere, or an option added so we can add them to the global pool?