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Civilization Traits 1.8 Miners/Farmers/Urbanites and Bureaucrats

Published on Saturday, September 9, 2023 By MacsenLP In Galactic Civilizations IV

So there are four civilization traits that were added in a previous patch

Miners/Farmers/Urbanites and Bureaucrats

Miners seems to add 6 extra shipyard missions once the techs are unlocked

Urbanites seems to add 4 extra techs branching off planetary adaption in the green tech tree

(Planetary outposts - Colonial Capital Refit - Megapolis - Secure Confinement)

Colonial Capital Refit looks like a tech that does nothing other than allow progress to techs that do something (pointless needs changing).


Bureaucrats and Farmers doesn't seem to be working can't see any extra techs for them!

The tooltip for these traits is wholly inadequate every tech/ability unlocked by these should be mentioned in the tooltip!

Anyone that can shed any light on these it's very much appreciated especially on Bureaucrats and Farmers - thanks.