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Menu Choices

Published on Friday, September 8, 2023 By Bamdorf In GalCiv IV Feedback


I finally got my game switched to Steam and managed to play several hours.  Stardock is making a lot of friends with their help for people like me who got into epic first and had fun but really wanted to get to steam.   I was at the point that I was almost ready to pay for it.  I had one clear wish for the game that stood out for me, namely the "search area" on the upper right of the screen.   Currently one can list you current planets, current fleets which are absolutely essential.     But there were other things I wanted, possibly it meant more to me than most players because my eyes are going (cataracts at age 74).

First, I think a button or key to switch off the background for a flat color, so as make small things more visible.   The current background is pretty, but it also tends to camoflage anything on the screen.  (If there is such a built in capability and I missed it, well, I apologize)

Second,  seeing as how useful the planet and ship lists are, I wonder if there could be a list of "interesting items"  such as undefended anomalies and defended anomalies, mineral locations, relics  and other strategic goodies.   The defended kind of anomaly are extremely useful, and I seem to see them a lot early on, but then when I had the fleets  to go after them I had a lot of trouble seeing them again.   (Maybe I need to highlight them somehow.)   There could also be a list of other items.  Yes, I know, I could create rally points near each one as I discover them, but wouldn't it relieve the micro a bit to just have a listing?   In my second playthrough there are a whole lotta things I will do differently, but still.

Just a thought.