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End Game Example Under 1.55.377081

Published on Monday, June 5, 2023 By PaulLach In Galactic Civilizations IV

I thought you might gain some insight into changes that need to be made by playing the end of a game.  The following link is to a save file:

The things I would like for you to look at are:

  1. The annoying number of clicks you have to do to acknowledge the results of treasure hunts, gem traders, etc.  I strongly recommend creating one single screen that shows the results of ALL mission ships.
  2. As you conquer the final AI civilization core worlds, look at how poorly they built on the available cells.
  3. Even though I am near the end of the game with only a few worlds left to conquer, my Prestige Progress is only at 27%.  Somebody really needs to look at how Prestige Progress is calculated.

In playing this game I REALLY appreciate the change you made that considers attacks to just be another move.  This allowed me to destroy the stupid stacks of 50+ weak ships that the AI civilizations built much more quickly and easily.