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Insider Build 1.55 - No farms, No Probes and Interstellar Drives mass 52?

Published on Thursday, June 1, 2023 By Sorbicol In GalCiv IV Support


Have downloaded the latest version of the Insider Build and seem to be getting the same issue no matter what race I'm playing:

1. I can't build any farms. I've checked the tech tree but nothing seems to be locked behind research. This is currently a massive problem if playing an organic race for obvious reasons.

2. When I first go to the Shipyard, there are no Probes available to build. However I can make my own from the ship designer. 

3. Interstellar drives and unshielded drives have a mass of 52 and 55 respectively. That's kinda heavy. 

Not sure that's intentional of course, and the second 2 aren't nearly as important as the first. It's hard to build an empire if you can't keep them fed. 


Request:  When making a custom race is there a method of making my own custom citizens with their own traits? at the moment I  get the traits of whatever of the standard factions I have to choose. It doesn't really matter but seems a bit of an oversight. I have imported a load of AI generated pics of my cybernetic arachnoids.  They come up fine, thanks!