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Mac Owner dreaming of playing GalCiv 4

Published on Thursday, May 25, 2023 By Timoon554 In Galactic Civilizations IV

I just wanted to ask around about StarDock developing a Mac port for Galactic Civilisations. I saw a few lets plays on YouTube and it looks like an amazing game. Unfortunately all I can do right now is live vicariously though lets plays and get frustrated when YouTubers make poor decisions like putting a Governor  on a class 3 planet.

While Mac is not famed for gaming, you can buy quite a lot of games on Mac. It wouldn't hurt to expand GalCiv 4's market and increase awareness of the product further. I for one would pay above market price for the game on Mac.

Anyone know anything about an upcoming release for Mac? Are they even considering it? Any Devs available for comment?