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v1.51 Changelog (LIVE) - Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova

Published on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 By RammaStardock In GalCiv IV Support

Hello all,

The newest update is now Live for all players, details can be found below. With dates reflecting when the updates were pushed to insider build originally.



5/10/23 Insiders Build  |  v1.51 Changelog


  • New battle music 
  • New music for the Altarians 


  • Updated the scaling of ships for battle viewer to make more impact. 


  • Fix for potential crash if Steam not initialized 


  • Added Artifact Events 
  • AI will target colonies again, just at a much lower priority. This is because the AI will need to conquer colonies to get range to the more valuable worlds. 
  • Asteroid policy now provides a 100% bonus instead of +1 (as asteroids give 0.1 production so the +1 flat was literally a 1000% buff). 
  • Created 9 new anomalies. 
  • Further adjustments on default map zoom options. 
  • Removed some unhelpful, confusing policies. 
  • Fighter tactical speed increased from 2 to 3. 
  • Missile cooldown increased from 9 to 12. 
  • Adjusted the probe module so that it also uses 30% of a ship's mass in addition to 1 point so you can't cheese it. You know who you are. 
  • Beam cooldown increased from 3 to 6. 
  • Removed a bunch of odd components that were available on ship designs on turn 1 that shouldn't have been. 
  • Ship range further reduced by default from 24 to 20. 
  • Starfaring ship range buff reduced from +50% to +25%. 


  • Fix for visible sectors when zooming out (but not in galaxy view) 
  • Sector power bar is no longer shrunk and hidden under your faction logo. 


  • Changed "Military" to say "Shipyard Manufacturing" 
  • Ideology Trait Choice renamed Trait Discount 
  • Changed wording on Soldiers to explain what they do. 
  • Explain the Military Stimulus in non-word salad language. 
  • Renamed turns to months for better immersion. 
  • Turns renamed months. 
  • Updated references "Survey" to correctly reference to "Flag" ships. 




5/9/23 Insiders Build  |  v1.51 Changelog


  • More variety in colonization event images. 
  • More variety in event images. 
  • Removed the old static blueprints for GC3-style commanders
  • Updated the "Empathic Connection" to look more empathic 
  • New event images 
  • Phamysht Leader movie is less choppy 
  • Replacement for placeholder terror star cinematic 
  • Updated Korath Portrait 
  • Updated the GC4 log 
  • Icon shown on the game menu screen to the new Supernova logo
  • Terror Stars: Fixed animation of planets turning to asteroids after getting blasted 
  • Range lines are more prominent 


  • The battle area increased from 8000km to 8500km. 
  • Set target ship to use a single line on the Battle Log 
  • Fix volley damage range bug with survey vs. shipyard 
  • Moved the light to be more top-down in the follow cam
  • SPACE BAR toggle pause 

Custom Factions 

  • You can now re-generate the custom faction images
  • Faction images are now stored on the cloud and downloaded on an "as needed" basis   
  • A larger variety of aliens are now available to generate
  • Trade performed text speaker swapped
  • Move generated images to the 'faction' directory and stop using the full path for the search 
  • Custom Factions: Fix for getting stuck when generating new leader images 
  • Increased the query string size
  • Reduced some cases of "failed to authenticate" when pressing the Generate button
  • Fixed a minor formatting issue with submitted text


  • Crystalline civ is now officially named "The Luxar," along with a history. 
  • Drengin given cruelty ideology 
  • Drengin hated faction added to Torians
  • Iconians lose the Peaceful trait and gain the Scientific trait
  • Krynn lose Harmony, gain liberty 


  • Adjusted how culture trait discounts work. You get discounts based on quest choices with an additional 5% boost every time you pick one
  • Balance pass on colonizing events
  • Balance pass on faction power calculation
  • Balance pass on Prestige victory weights
  • Beam range increased from 1000km to 1200km
  • Beam weapon cooldown reduced from 4 to 3. 
  • Decreased the target value of asteroid mines. 
  • Default speed changed to 1. 
  • Economists no longer give free trade licenses. 
  • The player or the AI must have a universal translator before the AI contacts the player. 
  • Fixed a logic problem that would cause other opponents to win a non-prestige victory to let you try to continue the game, which then could cause endless defeat cutscenes, bad saves getting made, etc. Generally bad news. 
  • Fixed issue where high-end specialists produced less because they had special (and obfuscated) needs. 
  • Fixed Thermal Blooming cost from 2380 to 380. (thank you for the report!) 
  • General buff on how improvements on planets give you as they level up. Improvements might give you less initially, but they will give you more as they level up. 
  • Increased the perceived AI value of high-quality worlds when colonizing. 
  • Missile cooldown increased from 8 to 9 
  • Missile Range increased from 1500km to 2400km. 
  • Race trait cruelty was removed and changed to Harmony. 
  • Reduced default ship range by 25% 
  • Reduced expectations of high-end units so that they don't effectively reduce their output. 
  • Reduced tactical speed so that battles are more easily monitors and weapon ranges have more impact. 
  • Removed the block that prevented attacks on core worlds that have a military Starbase nearby. 
  • Security lights Policy now requires "Colonial Bureaucracy." 
  • Terran Alliance starting ideology changed to liberty. 
  • Torians given Opportunistic trait instead of Peaceful. 
  • Drengi home world greatly improved in quality. They still lose. 
  • Drones no longer locked by Synthetic trait requirement which frees up mining. 
  • Explorers Ability increases sensor range by +2 
  • Further balance of tactical speed changes. Fighters now move much faster. 
  • New diplomacy modifiers for " different kind of species," "We are natural enemies," and " We covet your territory." 
  • Orbital Improvements can now affect ship stats for specific battle roles (e.g., an orbital academy now gives a HP bonus to fighters). 
  • The Blasphemy event can now only happen once per game. 
  • Tolerance Trait Text change from +1000 influence on +100 
  • The free ship range decreased.  
  • AI won't colonize worlds in another player's area of influence. 


  • Influence Lines are less jaggy on the main map. 
  • Main Map Pause should also pause FX and Particles 


  • Fixed various crashes related to unit creation 


  • Planetary Resistance affects turns to invade. It simply Turns to invade = Planetary Defense / Fleet Conquest 
  • Added a dialog telling you that your fleet is insufficient to conquer a planet
  • AI players will no longer bother to lay siege to low-quality colony worlds 
  • Ship Design Tooltips no longer show "legions" carried unless the ship is a troop transport 


  • Enraged changed to hateful in diplomacy description
  • Fix for Pragmatic, Malevolence, and Benevolence Title text 
  • Space Doctrine text made clearer. 
  • Lots of fixes for grammar and spelling  
  • Updated text to be clearer when you are helping an alien civ 
  • Changed "Hate Speech" to Blasphemy 
  • Changed text so that it's obvious when you are about to agree to declare war on someone. 
  • Removed the old command ship names
  • Restore the Korath cruiser name 
  • Better descriptions for ships, resources, and units 


  • Clarified Artifact's infocard "decay" buffs to better show they reduce decay 
  • Added an alert when starting a survey on an Anomaly 
  • Adjusted tooltips to be further away from the controls when the camera is zoomed in 
  • Cultural Progression Screen updates 
  • Fixed cases where the GNN text doesn't overflow the text boxes 
  • Full balance pass on the map UI options to declutter the map as you zoom out 
  • Show Planetary Defense HP stat 
  • The "Train as worker" button now behaves correctly