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Love the game.. but some things could be bether

Published on Friday, May 5, 2023 By Tobis-Aliens In GalCiv IV Feedback

Some things that could be bether: 

K.i.: -Godlike

Playing against K.I. my Cultural Influenze ist 20:1 higher but Planets doesn't flip 

K.I.  does not build starbases against coulture flip

In Late Game K.I. should more stack their fleets (seeing 2-3 stacked fleets against my 10 Fleets but they have same or way more military power) 

Playing against Godlike K.I. at the start of the game is Impossible.. bony's kick to hard at the beginning so i have to switch from Genius to Godlike after a lot rounds, to have a good K.I. at the late game.


Leaders could have more difference abillitys

I would like to have more differences in cultural progression upgrades and more options in every Progression.

In early late-game i have them just all complete.


Exekutive Orders:

"Galactic Festival" too good! For 10 or 15 turns is way enougth or much more Control Cost!!


Love "Invite Leaders"


Not so good:

"Draft Civilian Ships" is way too expensive! Also it would be good in the early game .. not in lategame!

"Teleskope Takeover" way too expensive! Control Cost 5 would be okay! Not very useful


"Print Money ".. hahahhaaha 500? For 60 Control and -10 Approval for a year? Badest option of all!! Useless!

Exploit Resources same !


I miss a mini Map 


--How about Galactic Events for all races?--


I can't switch to the places were my ships were destroyed.. always have to search for it at the map.

Game creates to many 1x and 2x population words.. there could be some 3 or 4x Population worlds.

In my opinion are Carbon and silicon based Spezies stronger then the other in the beginning.. seeing it every time on K.I. . Carbons rule the Universe


At least i have to say.. love the game.. the Details.. the 300h games in a big universe

Many different ways in gameplay , trade and strategie to win!

Cheers, Tobi