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Hello I made my race with

Published on Friday, May 5, 2023 By Pekish79 In Galactic Civilizations Series

Speed Bonus Bug?

FAST +2 as trait
EXPLORER as ability that give me access to "FAST EXPLORATION" +2
I have an exploration minister that give a +1
for a total of +5

and correctly my probe has a 14 movement (9+5) but that only works inside my influence area as soon as i get outside the influence area it goes down to 12 (i lose one of the +2)

I made a quick test removed fast exploration from my policies and it goes down to 10 (outside the influence area from the previous 12) so i think the one that works only INSIDE the influence area is "FAST" trait but is not specified in the tool-tips

Is it meant to be this way or is a bug? is it "FAST" trait suppose to make you faster only INSIDE the influence area?
or there is always a +2 inside the influence area and the base value is +7(+2 influence area) +5