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Stuck On AI Turn

Published on Thursday, March 30, 2023 By PaulLach In Galactic Civilizations IV

The game is stuck on the Xeloxi's turn.  The screen snapshot below shows that the game is consuming about 30% of CPU so it is doing something, but the Xeloxi apparently cannot complete their turn.  I think the problem is caused by creating a Military starbase as part of completing my turn AFTER CLICKING ON THE NEXT TURN BUTTON (I think this is another example of why there needs to be a change to the automatic next turn "feature").

I have uploaded a save to DropBox that I think will let you recreate the issue.  The save was created after clicking on the "Next Turn" icon but before completing the steps shown below.  The save is here:

The steps to recreate the issue are:

  1. Load the save
  2. Go to the constructor named "G.C.S. Creator-9" (it is located at the left side of my "circle")
  3. Move the constructor 2 cells left
  4. Use the constructor to create a Military Starbase
  5. Add all of the available modules
  6. Click on the "Next Turn" icon

The game should now get stuck on the Xeloxi's turn.  Note that the Xeloxi have ships within the range of the just created Military Starbase which I think my be contributing to the problem.