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Graphics for old eyes

Published on Monday, February 20, 2023 By gypsy2299 In Galactic Civilizations IV

My eyes will soon start their 72 year of trying to view the world for me.

The do a decent job as one eye is 20/20 and the other may achieve same when the cataract that is troubling it is removed.

Now to the point of the post even when this happens, I will still have trouble seeing the grid on the map as it is barely one shade lighter than the black background.

This is mandatory to my enjoyment of the game, at least in long sessions as straining to see the grid causes me to have ocular migraines rendering the map into visual hash.

I cannot explore a map unless I do it systematically and the auto explore option is anything but systematic.

Thus, I must guide each Probe/Explorer through each hex, I can if I can see the grid, but with the current grid color this is a chore.

I know this is or at least was back in the days of Civilization II an easy fix as even I was able to make the irrigation graphic darker. I have since lost the ability to mod as Developers have gone to assuming all players who wish to mod are programmers. Not true but off-topic.

To see what I am seeing set grids to show both far and near then zoom out (larger view of map) to the point where the graphics change to the Icons then look to where a probes vision enters the fog of war. I try to go in a straight line from the ship to the FOW most times I can barely see the "border" hexes.

I was going to be snarky and say change the transition point from graphics to icons closer to max zoom in but know that many peeps play using them.

That got me to thinking if the fix might just be a graphics or an icon setting. I can see the grid way better at a click or two further in.

I totally appreciate the work the Graphics Team puts into the game, however I cannot play the game using them.