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Commander Ship Feedback

Published on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 By XWerewolfX In GalCiv IV Feedback

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I'm going to evaluate every race's commander ships and offer some suggestions on how to make them a bit more unique/asymmetrical, so that each of the races has unique ships like that of the Humans or Baratak Grove. 

Let's start with the Humans:

While the Victory is a bit boring, it does scale a decent missile attack per level. It feels like a good entry-level commander ship, so hiring a cheap leader to get in this one is usually best. 


The extra research granted by the Curiosity is great. It's a great way to boost a bit of research. Perhaps it could scale with the leader's intelligence?


The Perseverance giving an approval bonus is unique. I think it should go a step further and provide a bonus to planets in a radius. 


The Gaze is unique in giving a bonus to shields and beam attack. This ship is great. 


The radius bonus from Hivebase One is more in line with what I'd like to see with the approval bonus above. This is a great ship and feels powerful enough to chase down the Ministry of Defense tech. 


As a flagship, the Apex feels a bit weak. The -2 moves ability is weak. I'd love to see it affect other fleets' shields or something more significant and detrimental than the moving range for other ships. 


I haven't yet seen how powerful the antimatter bomb is, but the radius feels a bit small to me. I'll have to get to it and see how effective this ship is. 


Overall, the Humans have a decent commander ship set. The approval bonus is too little, IMHO, and the Apex is underpowered for the "Flagship", but the ships are better than some other races' ships. They also feel thematically in tune with who the Humans are. With some small tweaks, this lineup would be really great. 


SIDE NOTE: As I'm writing these evaluations, I'm going to be playing as much as I can to actually TRY each of these ships out. I'd encourage other players who are interested in helping GalCiv 4 reach its true potential to leave their notes below. My goal is to make the commander ships interesting and unique to each race, offering more asymmetry for fewer manhour requirements. 


These evaluations are subject to change as I start this testing process.