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Multiplayer crashes constantly

Published on Saturday, November 19, 2022 By Nehbur4708 In Galactic Civilizations IV

Dear GalCiv team (Stardock),

I've bought this game quite early on, because it's an absolute magnificent game. I loved GalCiv3. GalCiv3 had a bit of a stability problems in multiplayer though. I actually only play this game multiplayer with a friend of mine and 2-4 AI's.

I was glad to hear GalCiv4 would come out. I hoped that these multiplayer crashes (stuck on new week or stuck on an AI) would be a thing of the history.

Now I am greatly dissapointed to see that the same problem occur in GalCiv4, but even worse. A friend of mine has a new PC system and also hosted the game several times with the same result. I'm confident it has nothing to do with system requirements or network.

When I bought GalCiv4 for 40 dollars I knew the multiplayer feature was not available yet. That was fine. I wanted to support Stardock and I waited patiently for the feature to arrive.

The multiplayer feature now is a complete mess. In GalCiv3 it would hang once every 15-20 turns, but now it hangs every 5-8 turns. It makes the game un-enjoyable and therefore unplayable.

Now, if I knew Stardock is working hard to fix these problems, I can be more patient, but they don't even seem to acknowledge the issue. This is a problem. Multiplayer is a core feature of the game. I was waiting patiently for an update to arrive, only to find that some minor bullshit has been 'resolved', not even mentioning Multiplayer.

Now I've spent 40 dollars on a game that doesn't work on one of its core features. Like with any product you buy in life, you can get your money back when something doesn't perform it's function, even after the 14 day's refund period. Since by law, a product should perform it's basic function for at least 2 years.

Obviously I don't apply for the 14 day refund, since I've bough the game long before multiplayer got out. So now I'm sitting on a an unplayable game. So, what now...

1. Either Stardock acknowledges the problem and they starting working to fix it ASAP.

2. Or give me my money back.