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Want better rally points

Published on Saturday, November 19, 2022 By DivineWrath In Galactic Civilizations IV

I want some improvements to rally points.

1) They need better names, or ask you for a name when generated. Right now, they are too long so the names block how many tiles a rally point is from a fleet or shipyard. Or fit in the given space period. I find that names like 'rally point 1' are usually good enough.

2) Rally points need to be able form fleets of a chosen composition. I like using fleets with a certain number of ships, and using ships of a certain type. For instance, I might use 10 medium ships with repair bays. Any more and I would be using too many ships; I could have used those extra ships to form more fleets so I could cover a bigger area.

3) Centering the screen on the rally point doesn't do much good. This is especially true if you are trying to give rally point commands to a dozen ships and shipyards. Each time the rally point moves the screen, I have to move my screen back to where I was giving commands before.

4) The UI could use some work. I have used the rally point info screen in the corner to select ships and give move orders to, but only have the screen still display the given fleet as though the fleet was still there.

5) Rally point command button. In GalCiv 2, you could press 't' to give rally point orders to fleets and planets. This does not exist in GalCiv 4. Please implement.

6) On a related note, could you guys add a marker to show when one of your fleets is flying to a tile? This was also in GalCiv 2. In fact, why not improve this? Make it so that an attack fleets show 1 kind of marker, and a fleet with the ability to invade planets will show another. This would be most helpful in helping me keep track of things.