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Selecting research project requiring drones - game not responsive

Published on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 By Panos4860 In GalCiv IV Bug Reports


Found a bug that if the player is fast enough to open the Research screen before the popup to select population of a ship appears and double click a research project that requires drones the game doesn't display on the "front" the drone dialogue popup but on the "back" of the research page making the research page unresponsive. 

Every time the player selects the same project (either by double-click or select-click and click Done button) the game will generate a new dialog popup on the "back". It doesn't bring forward the existing dialog. So multiple dialog popups can be open. (managed to get 10 of them). 

The player has to select a project without requiring drones to be able to close the Research screen,  then refuse/accept each one of the open Drone dialogues (if you click yes doesn't spend the drones) and then select the pop for the ship (constructor, colonial etc). 

Please find attached a save 1 turn before the end of the current research project to replicate. Is pretty tricky but but can be replicated easily if you are fast enough and a project requiring drones is for selection.


Thank you.