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Issue Attacking A Fleet Stacked With Another Fleet

Published on Friday, August 12, 2022 By PaulLach In Galactic Civilizations IV

I have come across a situation where 2 fleets from different AI civilizations are stacked in a cell.  I am at war with one of those civilizations and not the other.  I want to attack, but the game only lets me attack the fleet of the civilization that I am NOT at war with.  I cannot figure-out a way to attack the fleet I am at war with.  I can attack with missiles and the game seems to know that the missiles are intended for the fleet with which I am at war, but the game goes stupid when I try to attack with a fleet.

The first screen snapshot below shows that there is a stack in the cell at the end of the stream and that one of the ships is a Torian Spawner.  I am not at war with the Torians.

The second screen snapshot shows that the other fleet in the stack is a Mimot fleet, with whom I am at war.

The third screen snapshot shows the popup that appears when I attack the stack with one of my fleets.  The game ALWAYS assumes that I am attacking the Torian ship and not the Mimot fleet.


  1. If 2 ships or fleets from different civilizations are able to occupy a single cell, how can a player specify which fleet they want to attack?
  2. If the game is smart enough to know which fleet I am attacking with a missile attack, why is it not smart enough to know which fleet I am attacking with one of my fleets?