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Some more feedback v1.04

Published on Saturday, July 16, 2022 By DivineWrath In Galactic Civilizations IV

Hey. I have more feedback.

Terrible weapon. There is this event where you can get more powerful beam weapons in exchange to a hit to your global morale. However, it does not work. I expect it to increase the beam attack of every ship to increase by 4, but I see no evidence that it works at all. The morale hit does work.

Disrupters. Beam weapon augmentation has the disrupters module for starbases, but I think it should be with the disrupters tech, one tech down the trees. The corresponding techs for kinetic and missile weapons have their starbase modules along side the ship weapons.

100% morale. For some reason I can't get the morale of my citizens to increase beyond 96%. However, strangely when I was getting at least 100% morale boost from my money reserves (as the corporation), the morale grew to 100%. Only works on Iridium citizens.

Ships not using all slots. For some reason, some of the default ship designs don't use all the slots it has. For instance, the Santeroa (corporation, medium hull, beam weapons) doesn't use all the slots the ship has. It uses 5 spaces out of maximum of 8. Not all ships do this, so I'll keep an eye on it to see if there is any pattern. Also, some ships don't use the slot increase that some techs give.

Not getting paid to stay silent. There is this anomaly event where you see an insurrection put down by a random civilization. As one of the options, you could choose to get paid by the said civ to keep the information secret, but that option seems to be missing what you get paid.

I found that repair bays stack. You can only put 1 repair bay on a ship, but you can have multiple ships in a fleet to get a high rate of repair. I like this.

I sometimes see a medium hull pirate ship called a Paladin. Why does a type of pirate ship get to be named after some class in RPGs that is lawful good?