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Inconsistant and Unfair Battle Resuls

Published on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 By EmmaKillyu In Galactic Civilizations IV

Battle ResultBattle result 3Battle 2

This post is directly for the Devs. I would like a clear explanation of the battle results for the three images above which all took place within the same game turn. Now, before anyone jumps and yells, I am aware that every "attack" is a random roll between the minimum and maximum damage amount potential of every individual weapon minus a random roll between 0 and maximum defence of the oponent's coresponding defense attribute. HOWEVER, in all three examples above, the damage I took (Left side of the screen as I was always the attacker) and the amount of HP lost for the fleet was almost always near 1:1. The enemy (right side of screen as defender) the HP lost vs. damage taken was almost always nearly 1:2. Meaning I need to deal 2 damage for 1 HP lost while AI deals 1 damage for 1 of My HP lost.

Further, In picture 2, my frigate with a total of 61 HP (which was full prior to battle) was destroyed whilst my entire fleet suffered only 34 damage. In picture 1, the enemy fleet had a combined total of 54HP and received 93 damage and yet 2 ships survived?? Now, looking also at weapon types used vs. defenses available, there is a clear mis-match in my favor. Meaning I had a much higher shield to beam ration than enemy AI had as armor to railgun ratio.

My question for the DEVS is this... Could you possibly, and in all transparency publish the damage equations used for battles?

Epic Gamertag : Emma Killyu 

Steam Gamertag: Tattyanna Wolf

I await an answer from the DEVs. (I specify, as any answer from players is not considered relevant due to lack of actual provable and factual information).


   With Regards,

       Emma Wolf