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General feedback for v1.04

Published on Saturday, June 25, 2022 By DivineWrath In Galactic Civilizations IV

This is some feedback for v1.04.347661.

Yor building citizens. Building a unit of citizen is expensive. For some reason its "-120 construction cost", "-1 durantium", and "+30 construction cost". With good manufacturing, it takes a while to build more population. Also, why is construction cost mentioned twice, and why is one is positive and the other is negative?

Alliances are not permanent. They wear off in time. I found that kind of counter intuitive after playing GalCiv 2.

Mining starbases don't get "Support Field Stabilization". That would be helpful in increasing the AoE range of those starbases.

Military starbases don't get "Starbase Defense Systems". You would think that military starbases would get all modules that improve their combat ability.

I can't unassign galactic resource mining from military starbases (or any other starbase) and give it to mining starbases. This means I need to place my mining starbases first, then add what ever starbase I want there, if I want to maximize resource yields.

I want an option to show ship type, not the unique names given to them for each civ. For instance, the bomber is name Thug for Drengin, F-110 Phantom for Terran Alliance, Beak for Torians, etc. I would like a game option where I can make them all Bombers, like Drengin bomber, Terran Alliance bomber, Torian bomber, etc.

I want summary to be my default view. I don't like it switching back to advisors. I'm talking about the panel in the top right of the screen.

In one game, I was attacking a planet being defended by a Mimot command ship with 75% chance to escape battle. Every time it ran from battle, it remained in orbit of the planet, thus defending it. It was a real pain until I got lucky and managed to kill it. I don't think ships that run from battle should remain in orbit of planets. If its running from battle, I want it to move a tile away on the map and let me invade a colony or core world.