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Battle Bug

Published on Sunday, June 19, 2022 By PaulLach In Galactic Civilizations IV

I am playing a game with version 1.04 and have a save that demonstrates a couple of issues, but the primary one is an issue with a battle that takes place, but afterwards appears to have not taken place.  The save is located here:

After you load the game go to the planet named "Dratha".  You should see something like this:


The first problem (a minor, but annoying one) is that you cannot see my fleet of 12 ships or the anomaly I am about to attack, so you will need to zoom in until it looks something like this:

The second issue (also a minor one) is that you can see the ships defending the anomaly (sort of).

If you select the 12-ship fleet (which does not have a surveyor) and use it to attack the anomaly, you will see a battle, but there will not be a window showing the results of the battle.  You will also see that, while the anomaly still shows a "3" indicating that 3 ships still defend it, you no longer see the defending ships, as shown in the following screen snapshot.

If you hover over my 12-ship fleet you will see that it has not been damaged and still has 12 moves left as shown in the following screen snapshot.

I think your coders need to figure-out what is going on and fix this.  Hopefully, the saved game I have provided will make their job a little easier.