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Blank Descriptions in Workshop Submissions.

Published on Sunday, June 5, 2022 By MrStarTrek In GalCiv IV Workshop Moderation

Feels like EFF-Commander is playing us for fools on not being able to write in English, he has a new submission with English clearly written in and an older one with a bit of Korean written in. I am now very tempted to remove his submissions that have blank description fields since he proven he can add English and write in his own native language in the description field.

Navinor and I have told him he can use his own native language but yet doesn't and feels like he is using not speaking English as an excuse, but clearly has used English and his own language to write in his ship design descriptions on his workshop submissions. He has several submission where he has filled out a description and several that are blank.

I need guidance this matter because we removing players submissions for this and not others. This isn't fair to the players who's submission we are removing yet some players are receiving some favoritism they shouldn't be getting at all. This is what I've been trying to to explain on my public post. I am now taking this privately and will only discuss moderation matters here in this forums.

I've provided screenshots to understand my concern.

Please advise?