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Epic/Steam Achievements, those working and those that are broken

Published on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 By Publius of NV In GalCiv IV Bug Reports

After winning my second game on 1.02 I decided to examine the Epic Achievements that I noticed had been triggering as I played. (Press Shift-F3 in game to see your list of achievements).

It seems that some of them don't work, they are not awarded when achieved.

So I thought I would make a list so that others could report whether they had gotten the achievements or whether there are others that are bugged.

First, these are the ones that worked, i.e. were properly awarded when I earned them (or others reported that they'd earned them):

Win as Arceans
Win as the Mimot
Win as the Torians
Win as Festron
Win as the Drengin
Win as the Baratak
Win as Xeloxi
Win as the Iconians
Win as Altarians
Win as the Manti
Win as the Iridium
Win as Terrans
Win as the Drath
Win as the Krynn
Win as the Yor
Win as the Onyx
Win as the Navigators
Win as the Luxar Dominion -- Supernova only
Win as the Phalenoid Advance -- Supernova only
Win as the Intueri Aggregate - Supernova only
Win as the Cosmic Containment -- Supernova only
Colonize a Planet
Win with a Custom Faction
Prestige Victory
Conquest Victory
Influence Victory!
Diplomatic Victory
Win Quickly
Design a Ship
Veteran Crew
First Contact
Commodity Seller
Commodity Trader
Commodity Guru
Commodity Seller, Level 2
Commodity Selling Guru
Commodity Trader - Level 2
Solid Economy
Recruit a Leader
Recruit a Dozen Leaders
Worker Specialization
Anomaly Researcher
Artifact Mastery
Unleash My Power
Own 30 Planets
Ask Not What Your Empire Can Do For You
Win a Battle
Fleet Victory - This requires a victory over a large enemy fleet, 15 or more ships
Gain an Ally
Design a Civilization
Trading Partner
Iconia Reclaimed! - Works if Iconians take Iconia from the Yor via invasion, but not if Yor surrender
Yor Dead Iconians
Rebuild the Retribution
Play a Multiplayer Game
The Everwar
The Plague (Complete the Penultipox challenge)
Breeding Season
The Orb of Draginol
Against the Tide
War with the Unknown - Requires attacking an AI civ ship before researching Universal Translator
Win a Multiplayer Game
Play for 5 Hours - Only possible to get if you play for 5 hours continuously
Play for 100 Hours - Seems to require playing for more than 100 hours and then playing for 5 hours continuously
Galactic War
Build a Terror Star
Use a Terror Star
Lose by Your Own Terror Star

Second, these achievements I believe I earned but were not awarded, so they are probably broken.

Complete a Minor Civilization Quest -- Base game on Epic only
Discover a Nebula -- Base game on Epic only

Third are achievements for winning as the various civilizations. I have now tried all of them.

-All seem to work, but it took me 2 tries with the Navigators

Fourth are various other achievements. Either I know I didn't do these, or I think I might not have done enough to get them, so we don't know whether these work or not.  Note that some of the victory type achievements are unavailable because that victory type is not in the game.

Pirate Cleansing
Relic Hoarder
It's OUR Homeworld
Science Victory! -- Base game on Epic only
Play for 1000 Hours
Win an Immense Game

Finally are the achievements related to the Galactic Challenges. I haven't yet tried these so I don't know if they work.

Shard of the Mithrilar

Please post if you have found other Achievements that either work are can be confirmed as broken, or if you have better information than I about what is required to get the achievements.