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[MOD] GCIV Supernova Mod Tools

Published on Monday, May 16, 2022 By impinc In GalCiv IV Modding

I've been working on making some mod tools. The goal is to make creating mods you can't create from the game itself (especially for people who don't want to muck around with the xml manually).


Editors Included:

* Race editor

* Star System Editor

* Event Editor (Coming soon-ish)


This is an alpha version right now, and I'm looking to garner some feedback for further refinement.



* Windows 10 + 64-bit (Can make 32-bit versions on request)


Source code (MIT License) available here:



Race Editor

General Info tab, which allows you to select the advisor portraits for the race:

It's recommended to just start from a base race, and modify from there.

From here, you can also manage your citizen's portraits


Stats tab. I'm not really sure what these do to be honest. Perhaps something to do with the civ's factions? Also the consumed trait seems set up purely for the festron (well, all the races that are consumable perhaps?)


Modifiers tab.  This one needs some work in the design department, and some things aren't very clear on how they work. For instance everything that used the "SpecialValue" always used the same values, so here it's restricted to those (perhaps once we know what it does, and how it works, we could open it up more).


Full supported list of options for types, bonus types, and effect types. Things that are known to work are shown in white, and are sorted at the top of the list. Things in grey are unknown to work (if you find something works, or doesnt work, please let me know and I will update the lists).



Star System Editor


Create star systems either for the starting civilizations, or just for generic systems to be generated in the galaxy.


System to Copy will allow you to pick an in game system to modify (this is kinda buggy right now)


Set the system's general info, such as name, the description, and type:


Create Orbit Lanes, which contain Lane Bodies (Planets, Asteroids, Stars)

NOTE: Creating star systems only works when using the replace mod method. The program will allow you to save with the append type, but your system won't show up in the list when creating a new civilization unless you use the replace method.




This is where you can set your GC IV install directory (so the app can read in the game's built-in files), and the mods folder where you want the output to be exported. 

Version Download

* First official version to work with Supernova. The app is shifting to only support Supernova from 0.5 and on.

* Only the Race Editor is available for now.

* Star System Editor is close, but there are still some bugs that need to be squashed.


Version 0.4.1 Download


* Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to edit a value for a Colony Stat

* Race editor now has full accepted list of things for types, bonus types, and effect types. The lists are now sorted, and anything that is currently used in game, will be white. Anything that is technically supported according to the xsd files, but NOT used in the game (at least in that particular section of the game, like in this instance, for races) is a grey color. If people try these other options, and find they work, please let me know, and I will add it to the list of known items that work and will make sure it shows white in the list, and is sorted towards the top.


Version 0.3.2 Download

* Updated Colony Stats dialog to allow entry of special values (this is how the Onyx have growth based on Promethion, for example)

* Fixed a couple of bugs, and put in more restrictions to prevent bugs/bad data

* Got icons working for planet class descriptions (Minerals, Technology, Wealth, etc)


Version 0.3.1 Download

* Added Star System Editor

* Added Settings button on Main Menu

* Removed Settings tab from Race Editor

* Added MOD type option to both editors

* Added some checks to prevent bad data (but I'm sure there are still plenty)


Version 0.1.0  Download

* [Race Editor] Added Manage portraits button to general info tab 

* [Race Editor] Added new window to manage citizen portraits


Version 0.0.2 Download

* App now comes as an msi file, to simply install (no need for any other external dependencies).


Version 0.0.1 Download

* Initial alpha version of the app. Requires .NET 6 runtime installed to work. 

I was thinking of putting this up on github, or something so that others could contribute, if there is interest.