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Starbase Modules (Balance)

Published on Saturday, May 14, 2022 By Stalker0 In Galactic Civilizations IV

In this thread I'll cover a variety of starbase modules that I think could use a look at. I'll update this thread as I find various modules to discuss.

  • Starbase Market: So this thing requires a durantium and a promethium special resource. Consider this, at rock bottom prices I could sell both of those for a total of 20 credits (and I think that is a very low ball number, especially the Prom in most games). This is not even accounting for the cost of the module itself. So lets say I have a gorgeous money planet, 20 raw income (which is incredibly high). The 5% gross income here = .33 credits/turn (20 * .05% = 1, 1 * .33 for standard tax rate = .33). So under extremely nice conditions, this module still takes a full 60 turns to pay for itself. That is not a good return. The lesson is that income modules should very rarely cost strategic resources, as its almost always better to sell the goods at the market than use them for these kinds of investments.

  • Omega Starbase Defenses:

In order to get access to this, you have to go to the end of the starbase defense track. That is quite a lot of teching, on a track that is not a high priority (defending your starbases doesn't win wars generally). The module itself is incredibly expensive, but for a key starbase it could be worth the cost to keep it up, so that's not the issue. The problem is....the bonuses are anemic. By the time I'm getting these modules I'm facing medium ships...often large, that are bristling with guns and defenses. I'm facing 30+ logistics fleets. +15 to attack is nothing, its spitting in the wind. Even +30 is honestly not that impressive at this point in the game. What you could do is give it the whole package, +5 to all its attacks, +5 to all its defenses, and 100% HP. I still don't know if that would be enough to have it survive equivalent fleets, but at least you would need a reasonable fleet to take it out, and not just a collection of stray ships you can throw together.