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Bugs report part 1

Published on Monday, May 9, 2022 By IXCLCF In GalCiv IV Bug Reports

Compilation of some bug I have see in the game.
(Not my native language dont be rude with me ^^)

- All "exp" bonus dont work. (Bonus from artifact, bonus from ability, bonus on commander ship, veteran, double exp from autorithy, bonus from the warforged building etc)

- All ship from Krynn dont get any influence bonus, and we dont see the radius effect of the ship.

- Flagship from Torian dont give influence bonus at all world.

- The ship of human who give "+10% approval" dont work.

- Emporium faction dont reduce the price at market.

- Paranoid dont give drone who protect world.

- In equality, representation dont give influence on colonies.

- Some snathi part of ship in designer crash the game.

- Colony upgrade, colony beacon who give +3 influence dont work.

- Ressource extraction ressource tech: "shipyard decay -33%".

- Cybernetic ability do nothing.