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[FANON] - [NAR] - The Spread : How we all learned to stop worrying and love the Tentacle.

Published on Sunday, May 8, 2022 By TragicTheBlathering In GalCiv IV AARs

: The Spread : 

Race Description

The Spread is a sentient fungus that originated in the swamp-like lagoons of their home world, The Source Spore. They exist through various stages of a metamorphic life cycle. Meaning like some Earth creatures, say the butterfly, they have a transformative life cycle where their physical body undergoes radical changes.

They spend much of their time as an interconnected subterranean web of fibres which can grow in size to envelope entire worlds, this state is known as The Web. Technically the Spread is a single organism no matter what world you find it, but the evolution of consciousness brought with it the development of individuality, where each Web is a separate entity and a unique individual. 

The Filament Web grows protrusions regularly through a seasonal cycle. During which Spore develop above ground and then detach themselves to live completely autonomous lives. At the time of Spawning, each Spore has an identical genetic memory to the Web from which it came. This effectively makes each batch of Spore identical clones of body and mind. Once they are detached and they are no longer connected in any way to The Web life experiences allow them to develop unique personalities as they explore the universe. 

Most Alien races to the Spore have no idea the Webs even exist and believe the Spore is the Race itself. As in all meaningful ways the Spore act and exists like most carbon-based civilisations. It is only their birth and death that are unique.

Individual Spore are obsessed with gaining experiences and developing into something unique for the final act in their life cycle is to be reintegrated into the Web itself. Adding all the knowledge and unique personality traits they have developed into the Web's collective conscious. This act in many ways changes the web into what some races might call a new generation, for the Web is no longer the same individual it was before the return of the Spore. This same integration happens between Webs when Webs connect under the planet's surface during the Envelopment.

Spore can also form new Webs. This is how they travel the galaxy, landing on a planet and growing a new Web of The Spread. Some Spore spawn with the life goal of simple travelling to other Webs to integrate and share knowledge. 

Race Strengths and Weaknesses

The Spread, once full grown, are effectively living planets. The entity known as the Web will eventually cover the entire surface of the globe just above the rock layers of the continents and float across seas.  The entire ecosystem of the planet becomes dependent and symbiotic with the Spread. This means that Pollution is particularly harmful to The Spread and all Spore are deeply concerned with environmental issues. 

Also, as a semi-Hivemind race, many concepts of social interactions are Alien to Spore. They have no reference for Intimidation, Persuasiveness or Deceptiveness. This means that they have limited choices during decision making and lack tools required to be able to easily interact with other aliens in a diplomatic or social setting. 

The Spread is often considered to be likeable creatures by other Aliens. They are not overly interested in diplomatic manoeuvring, or intrigue. They also have no intrinsic understanding of technology beyond the practicality of its use. This means that The Spread are honest traders, who are easy to fool and quick to offer things beyond their value, for The Spread's only real motivation is to grow its form and nurture The Webs.

They are often considered quaint and good natured by others and the Spore's lust for new experiences makes them fun and exciting to be around. Also, The Spread flows like water, always in the direction of least resistance. The only times it is ever really aggressive is when it is prevented from growing. The Spread's philosophy here is that it is simply easier to move away from others than fight with them. So many races do not even perceive them as a threat until The Spreads true size is finally realised.

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