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Comments on the Civilization Builder

Published on Monday, May 2, 2022 By lachniet In Galactic Civilizations IV

Hello all, I had a couple comments on the civilization builder. 

1) The first thing is (I think) a bug. 

If, as a non-Arcean template, you try to take the Arcean ship line "Legendary Ships" the tool-tip tells you that you will get a culture point for each ship.  But really, this benefit is associated with the race template and not what ships you select?  Otherwise you'd have a non-Arcean template race taking Spores and Legendary Ships for a significant benefit.  I think the tooltip should say something like "if you are an Arcean" maybe?

2) The second point is about balancing.  In that same screenshot you can see some options that I think give too many negative points when you take them.  Militant gives you -2 points for -20 starting control points, which is chump change when it comes to control (it's also half the numbers given if you take it as a benefit instead of malus).  It's way too good, it's not even a single colony ship rush, so I'd at least double the amounts on the negative side, or maybe even set the -2 as starting control = 0, and -1 = 1/2 starting control. 

Similarly getting -2 points for Deceptive, Intimidating, and Persuasive is too powerful because these things have rarely been necessary to my (and presumably most) play styles, except in very specific situations that can be worked around.  As much as it would gimp my own custom civ, I think these should at least be halved, which would mean having .5 / 1.0 point changes, which might be a problem (or doubling the scale).

Hopefully I didn't misunderstand something, but I feel like those changes would be worth looking into.