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Post-Release Issues

Published on Thursday, April 28, 2022 By Toast_Ghost In Galactic Civilizations IV

Other threads of this forum have pointed out the "rough finish" that GC4 has had on release. My purpose in this thread is not to complain about this. (For whatever reason, Stardock decided to release the game in the state that it's in. Nothing is going to change that.) Rather, in this thread I want to highlight some aspects of the game that make it feel incomplete. My hope is that these things get fixed quickly so we can all enjoy the game we love even more.

Everyone should feel free to add to my list, but please keep the complaining/debating elsewhere. This thread is for constructive criticism only.


In several places in the game, we are told about protests. Certain governors can't quell them. The Iconians never protest. However, it doesn't appear that there is actually any mechanic in the game for protests to actually take place, or for governors to quell them. (Please tell me if I am missing something.) Either protests need to be added, or else the text talking about protests needs to be replaced.

Colony Approval

An apparently useless mechanic. There is a policy and a minister that affect this, but colony approval doesn't appear to matter. 

Social Stat of Diplomats

The game says that Social affects the quality of diplomats, but (as far as I can tell) it doesn't. The game also says that Social is important for Ministers of Colonization (which are useless) but neglects to mention Ministers of Tourism and Culture. To recap, the game explains that Social (for government employees) is important precisely in all the situations where it doesn't matter, and fails to mention all the situations where it does.


This policy still doesn't give the approval bonus it promises. I keep getting baited into picking this, and end up with a paltry 30 research.

I'm sure there are plenty of other examples. These are just the few I noticed after the bit I've played post-release. 

While the game is still playable with these issues, I do think they should be fixed ASAP. Otherwise, the game will continue to feel unfinished and many new players will be turned away from the game.