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0.91 Stuck Turn and some more oberservations

Published on Monday, April 11, 2022 By MadLevel7115 In GalCiv IV Bug Reports

Version: 0.91 

Details: Game got stuck during month 158. As soon as you go to the next month you get the message that the Iconian Refuge have been destroyed and the AI calculation stays to the Xeloxi. You can no longer move any ships and not able to continue the game.

How to reproduce: Go to the next month




  • Game setting: Civilization Proximity can’t be set to random.

  • Text from technology tooltip not fully visible and readably


  • AI ships stop sometimes directly on anomalies between rounds and can’t be attacked.

  • In the Gouvernors Screen you can’t scroll the last line (3rd, 4th) of planets enough up, to see all information.


  • If a ship moves over a subspace gate, but the subspace streaming technology has not yet been researched, the success movie “First use of a subspace stream” is falsely triggered.

  • Missing quest text

Improvement Ideas:

  • The colors of the work/don’t work bar parts should be more clearly distinguishable.


  • Windows mode - Pushing “X” Button on the right upper Corner should habe a promt to confirm.


Does it make sense?

  • What’s the meaning of the GoTo button of the challenges window?



  • Trade 1430 per month, maybe too much money?


  • How is the Treaty Revenue value calculated from the existing treaties 2777 => 1561?