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Rough game in v0.91

Published on Friday, April 8, 2022 By DivineWrath In Galactic Civilizations IV

Okay. I recently finished a game that I started in v0.91.282721 and finished in v0.91.282880 (I played it over 2 days). The economy seems tight, but not in a good way. Starved even. I was the Drengin by the way, with default map settings (cept AI). I didn't have a whole lot of manufacturing and I needed more morale districts than normal. Conquered worlds felt like they needed a dozen districts to get to 99% morale (why is that the cap? Not 100%?).

The AI felt more aggressive. I don't think I made it to turn 50 before the Festron declared war (I hadn't prepared for war that early). Nice touch on including "we are now at war" when the AIs tell you they declare war. Removes all doubt. Anyways, the AI was sending ships everywhere. It was difficult to keep worlds and I made the mistake of accepting the Yor's deal for me to attack the Terrans. Past experience made me think that it would be easy. Instead it was a hard fight, but I managed to take out the Festron and then the Terrans.

However, the Torians got to no 1 in might so they declared war on me. Not long after, the Yor decided to join in as they had more might than me. I think I almost lost that round. I had to work hard to make sure to supply my fleets with ships so they would be large and powerful. Weak fleets would lose more ships, thereby getting much weaker. I had to focus hard on logistic tech and to pull all my ships to one spot so they could join fleets. For a while, it seemed like it not would end. I lost most of my planets I took in my previous wars, but then new enemy ships stopped coming. Its like they ran out and now had to wait for new ships to be built before they sent another medium or something. Suffice to say it was my turn to attack. I had to research subspace streaming as I didn't need it until now. The Yor asked for peace, so I accepted. Might have been a mistake as their planets were the first I saw once I traveled to the other sector.

My priority was to take out the Torians as they were my only foes at the time. I recall that Altarians were doing poorly earlier, based upon their might, but that had turned around. I suspect they too were at war with the Yor and Torians, and that because I kept blowing up the ships of the Yor and Torians, they became weak enough that the Altarians were able to rebuild and retake territory. However, I was never was at peace long enough to fully scout my home system, let alone scout the other. So I had to sent scouts in multiple directions, mostly to scout stars to see who owned what. However, I had be so focused on war that I didn't have any probes, but the great thing about large fleets of tiny hulls is they can be used as scouts in a pinch. Also invade colonies in mass, something that I did once I found where the bulk of the Torian planets were. Then I had to wait for my transports to arrive. Unfortunately, they're significantly slower than tiny hulls. After the Torians fell, I swarmed the Yor. After that, I took out the Altarians.

Well that was rough. If I play v0.91 again, I'd better be prepared, and maybe pay other parties to go to war other parties. I might not do so well next time. I think my luck was bad that game, but it could have been worse. As I said earlier, it was harder to make planets usable, more so if they were conquered planets. I think the AIs might have ran into similar problems as after their waves of ships stopped.

Edit: Also food played a factor. My citizens were starving at various points. Not good for morale. I lucked out that the Festron homeworld had 20 points in food, so I was able to eventually solve my food crisis.