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0.91 Mimot review

Published on Thursday, April 7, 2022 By Basilisk83 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

ok, we know the mimots are a fav of the devs and are designed to be insanely good, but i think it's time to give them a bit of a nerf. you've had your fun, but now i really think it's time to put them back within reach of the rest of the pack. not too much of course, but unlike every other really good civ they have like no downside. +20% food eaten per citizen, but each citizen has +200% the normal growth rate. which doesnt matter much because their starting homeworld has 24 food for some reason, which is 2x the arboreal homeworld of the baratak btw. and they have 4 planets in their starting system, another of which has 8 food.

1. make their homeworld have a normal starting food amount.

2. increase the mimot food consumption to 2. if they have +2 BASE growth rate they should have at least +1 food consumption. this might make mimot players actually have to think about food consumption, which they currently really dont. mimots should be thinking about food... a lot...

3. the ship doubling is insanely good. maybe slightly nerf the weapons/defenses of the duplicated ships. it'll still be really, really good, i swear.