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A 0.81 game after 77 turns

Published on Saturday, March 12, 2022 By slarjy In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

  1. The battle viewer is a joke. Here is a short video showing the first three problems.
    • The "damage taken" doesn't match the battle log. (4 vs. 3 in this case)
    • The "movie" often does not display the actual action.
    • Sometimes the enemy ship does not appear at all.
    • If you win the battle, there is no way to return to the viewer if you close it on accident.
    • If you are attacked and win the battle, I didn't see a way to open the battle viewer.
    • When a ship is destroyed, it shows in the "battle log" as having 1HP.
  2. Policies that are supposed to have a diplomacy penalty (Xeno Harvesting, IP Theft) have no discernible effect on diplomacy.
  3. The Tech Navigator is supposed to show the cost of various techs. However, when you click from one tech to another, eventually the tech costs of everything goes to 0. See Screen Shot #1.
  4. Techapods seem all messed up.
    • There is a Techapod Hive on my capital world. One thing says it's getting 0.1 per turn, the other says it is getting 0. See Screen Shot #2.
    • There is a Techapod Mining Unit on my starbase and it is supposed to give 10% to manufacturing. 10% to what? See Screen Shot #3.
  5. The advisors aren't particularly helpful sometimes. "Beware the Torian Regime, they dislike us." has been showing the whole game even though our diplomacy is +1.
  6. I lost a colony to pirates. The Torians had a fleet right there and didn't steal it. To see, open this save file and move TR Star Eagle I southwest.
  7. The Trade Breakdown sometimes doesn't add correctly. See Screen Shot #4.
  8. think sieges are interrupted by save/reload. I can't prove this though.