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Thoughts on recent changes

Published on Sunday, February 20, 2022 By Unthwarted In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

Overall, I've been enjoying playing the game.  I've not had any crashes to report.  There are few things I noticed w/ this beta version 0.77B from the last one in terms of gameplay that don't make sense.

1. The Apex and The Sickle are not playable because "Precursor Origins" tech has been disabled in the MasterTechDefs file.

2. The mining improvements have all been placed under the cybernetic ability because the drone tech that is a perquisite is cyber only.  That is ridiculous.  If you want to place the resource specific mining tech (durantium extractor, etc.) under cybernetic, perhaps we can argue that, but placing the tech required for the Mining Barracks etc, is extremely limiting to every other race that doesn't not have that ability.

3. The cybernetic tech for increasing leader abilities is under the "Fertility ability" chain of tech. Doesn't make sense there. Either that should fall under the Cybernetic ability only or attached to another perquisite that everyone can research.

4. I've not completed all tech, but it does not seem like a lot of the variety of resources are put to use.  For example, diversify some of the resources needed for building modules on starbases. More advanced culture modules perhaps starting at Interstellar Embassy use harmony crystals in lieu of durantium or in combination with it.   I see in the xml file final modules often require these other resources, but I think perhaps they should be needed a little sooner.

5.  A military ship w/ a special unit should not end up under the Special category with the support vessels. The shipyard sorting needs to be sorted in some better way like in GC3.  If not by weapons, by Battle Role would be helpful.

6. Do not know if this is a bug. But a few games I played and as you can see in the image below, I had to travel around the whole galaxy to get to an adjacent sector that had no connection to mine. That seems a odd.