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A nearly complete game of 0.77b

Published on Monday, February 14, 2022 By slarjy In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

I put in about 12 hours with the Onyx Hive this weekend. I'm about 75% to victory. I'll finish the game next weekend if there is not a new release this week. Some notes follow:

  1. Even after getting this far, I'm not entirely sure how to best play the Onyx Hive. They seem to be a good middle-of-the-road race with good production, but maybe they are undercooked or maybe I don't understand them.
    • The intro said something about asteroids but I never figured out how to really exploit that.
    • The intro also said that they're basically addicted to promethion and having a lot of it will help growth. But how much? Now part of the problem is that I didn't even find my first promethion source until 5 years into the game and I didn't get a starbase there in time. No matter how much I bought from the galactic bazaar ($$$) or from other races, my growth rate was always 0.5. Yet another mystery mechanic. 
    • Observation: Not providing access to race details in the middle of the game (myself or others) is an oversight.
  2. Praise: Can I just say how beautiful the galaxy and the cut scenes look? It's cool to look at.
  3. Idea: I hope cut scenes are eventually added for galactic wonders.
  4. Feature Request: Add the ability to repeat shipyard projects, not just ships.
  5. Warning: A number of times I formed accidental fleets. I'm not entirely sure how this happens. All I know is that I occasionally had a freighter or asteroid miner wandering around the sector with my survey ship. This might not be a bug, but it is something for players to be aware of.
  6. Minor bug: When you conquer a core world, you can see the surface and do stuff for a turn (under the previous governor) before it turns back to a colony.
  7. Idea: When you take over a core world, I think a cool event would be what to do with the leader. Recruit/exile/execute? (Assuming the leader doesn't have the flee trait, whatever it's called.)
  8. Idea: A militaristic / pacifistic ideological spectrum. One reason for this is that I think there should be an event if you take out a pirate starbase. (If eight is too many spectrums, you could easily collapse two of the existing ones into one. There are so many garbage ideologies out there that no one in their right mind would spend a point on.)
  9. Idea: Fewer goodie huts but more things for survey ships to do. I never understood why they couldn't scan worlds, especially when the worlds are known to have something.
  10. Warning: It appears that traffic jams can sometimes occur at slipstreams. At one point it took me a few turns to get through. It also triggered the "first slipstream" movie even though I couldn't actually get in the thing.
  11. Observation: I'm surprised galactic events don't have more of an impact at getting you closer to the finish line - only 25 prestige points out of 1000 required. I was thinking that a galactic improvement would be worth something towards prestige but they aren't.
  12. Observation: The Baratak Grove kept using their artifacts to awaken planets then never colonize them. The bug that makes them show up as 0,0,0,0,0 means no one else would colonize them either. Except me, of course.