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The Background

Published on Saturday, February 5, 2022 By aerez4546 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

One thing that really bugged me all the way back to GalCiv III and now still with GalCiv IV, is the background for the map. I understand you want to have like a thematically cool looking backdrop, with stuff like nebula clouds and cool colors and lights and sparkles "behind" the map we are playing on; but sometimes is it just really annoying. It makes it hard to see the actually important stuff on the map at times. Fortunately I found a kind of "fix" for this long ago back in the days of GalCiv III, by just quitting out and reloading the game to get a different backdrop until I got one that wasn't annoyingly obscuring my vision right in the middle of the map. However, it is pretty annoying to have to reload the game just to make it so I can see the map.

Could you pretty please put something in the options to shut OFF the cool colorful sparkly backgrounds? I would be perfectly content to just play on top of a flat black backdrop; as a matter of fact I would prefer it.

Happy bug squashing!