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The Case for Retrofittting ships > (experience)

Published on Tuesday, December 28, 2021 By Larsenex In Galactic Civilizations IV

Greetings and Happy New Year Stardockians!

I was discussing with a friend the fact that it seems the ability to retrofit ships with new tech has been removed.

We talked and realized that if you have a fleet of 1rst gen tech that flies around with a surveyor (which I always do), those fleets can typically amass some experience in times of peace. Now those ships are tooling around in archaic space lasers and bare naked defenses.

Take a ship that has amassed say level 8 experience and the player chose to add a few anti-matter missiles or one or two elerium weapons boosts (both of which are a paltry +1 to damage) and some boosts to hit points. They are vets. They are very good ships. But alas they will never see combat and when it eventually comes they will be the first to be removed from the galaxy because they were unable to add better defenses or weapons which were revealed by researching new tech.

Id like to have the team re-asses the removal of retrofitting. Keep in mind we are limited by mass yet this is nullified for some reason by ship experience upgrades.

Which is going to survive a ship with a space laser and 5 Elerium upgrades and no improved defenses or the ship with Phasors and Kavnium and Forcefields?

Happy New Year and I look forward to many years with Stardock and their games!