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0.70 first impressions.

Published on Sunday, December 26, 2021 By Basilisk83 In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

love the new race and the part about a plant species' approval being partially based off the new pollution stat is brilliant, great touch. also the part about being able to terraform dead planets is great. a couple thoughts on that though...

When you first make a dead world alive, is shows up with 0 to all stats. i noticed that once u actually colonize it, it gets stats (not sure if this is a bug or working as intended). so far none of the planets I've colonized this way have not had any research stats on them though. i really like this ability and think it's great, but my first thoughts are that it might be too good for small maps, and not good enough for larger ones. I thought that a possible fix to this might be to change the ability to terraform a dead world based on how close it is to the "habitable zone" of it's star. right now all dead planets seem to be able to be terraformed, and all become class 5. by changing the available planets to the habitable zone, maybe even making it's class dependent on how close to the center of the habitable zone it is, it would make it so there's less selection of good dead planets to choose from in a small map, but more in a bigger one, and players would have to pick and choose more carefully which dead planets to terraform. 

a couple possible bugs i noticed were that the sniper space monsters have 0/0 moves, and i have not gotten any ideology points besides the first one in 40 turns of playing.

love the visuals on the new species too. looks like a great addition to the universe