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Events: The Museum Is Ideologically Confused

Published on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 By caboose_corsair In GalCiv IV Bug Reports

Version:  Alpha_0.65.249389

Details:  The Museum event triggered for me this morning and the final option—which I'm used to avoiding because I'm a namby-pamby pacifistic space industrialist—offered me a Compassion ideology point instead of a Cruelty point.  The text on the button implies that this museum is either run by some seriously pessimistic nihilists (thus to them, death is a mercy) or it is boosting the wrong ideology.

How to reproduce:

  1. Start a game (as the Arceans, if that matters?)
  2. Wait until The Museum event fires.  (If it matters, take only 1 Cruelty point and 7 Compassion points prior to the event firing.)
  3. Hover over "The graves of my enemies." to see the tooltip tell you that this is a Compassionate response.
  4. Select "The graves of my enemies."
  5. Receive a Compassion ideology point.

Save File:

Sorry, I tried to verify which auto-save would still trigger the event, and ended up over-writing the auto-save I needed to upload so you could trigger it.  This save is from the turn after the event happened.