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Ability to retrofit a ship to a new design is gone.

Published on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 By Larsenex In Galactic Civilizations IV

Greetings Stardockians,

I am having fun with .65, very stable and the fix to the black ring makes this build very cool.

Images are sharper and load times (for me) are very fast.

One thing I do in all my games is take the original survey ship and retrofit it as soon as I can get medium hulls to a 'faster and better defended ship'

I seem to have missed where to do this. I found the 'commands' section under 'Automation' in the policies section. Good choice and whoever is doing the UI great job!

Is the ability to retrofit your ships going to be coming back or is it in there and I am missing it?


One last point, Culture points are very rare and hard to come by. The player is presented with many things to do early and mid game. It would be nice for the player to see at a glace what missions will provide culture points and which ones do not.

Example > the Universal translator does provide one.The Upgraded Kinetic and Experimental Technology do not. I am very sure players would like to pursue missions which provide culture points over ones which do not. 


Hats off to the team on the .65 build. Its the best yet.