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Tech screen blocking and forcing a player to take an action.

Published on Sunday, November 28, 2021 By Larsenex In

Greetings Stardockians,

I have posted this before but want to show visually how frustrating this issue is for me.

I have multiple combats happening in the galaxy, when my turn rolls around I can see one happening but...

Its time to choose a tech and I cannot do ANYTHING unless I click on the choose tech button, go to tech screen pick a tech and poof the combat is gone. Not only that I get NO report of where this happened. We have no way to click on an AFTER ACTION REPORT which would zoom to the combat in question. Now all my ships may be destroyed but I need to know where it happened to send a fleet to engage and Id like to know who it was > precursors, pirates, another AI civ? None of that information is saved after a combat, its lost.


See the attached screenshot and its pretty generic but I cannot click on the galaxy. I am FORCED to go to tech screen. Please end this and shuffle this choice to the end of the players turn if possible.