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Galactic Civilizations IV 0.6 Changelog

Published on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 By DerekPaxton In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

*** RELEASED ***


  • New Civilization: Corporate Sector- An empire built on the strength of its treasury. The Corporate Sector is unrivaled at the economic game with more ways to make Credits than any other faction. They even start with a free frigate to being setting up Trade Routes right from the start of the game. Although they are great are earning Credits, be careful about spending them. Every citizen's Approval rating is based on the amount of Credits in the treasury. If you are rich your citizens will be very happy, if you are poor you are likely to run into more problems.

    They have the following Command Ships available:
    • Scuttle Crane- Grants credits whenever it survey's an anomaly.
    • Stellar Resort- A defensive ship that also boosts the Income of the planet it orbits.
    • Line Guardian- A strong military ship intended to protect trade ships from pirates and other threats.
    • Harondin's Raider- Grants credits from every successful battle.
    • Grand Market- Can produce freighters to forge entire trade empires by itself.
    • Worldbridge- A transport ship that grants credits whenever it invades worlds.
    • Star Casino- Boosts tourism of all planets in range. Great to put in systems with multiple rich worlds.
  • New Civilization: Xeloxi- Every Xeloxi citizen is a criminal and generates crime. This is going to cause problems with income and decay between worlds. If the Corporate Sector are born rich the Xeloxi need to struggle to get it. Fortunately, their questionable background starts them allied with the Pirates of the galaxy. They have nothing to fear from them and can even hide out in Pirate space to get some additional help against other empires. They also have a series of special improvements that are only available on planets with high Crime, the Smuggler Port, Pleasure Dome, and Mercenary Camp (which increases a world's Resistance and provides a free Leader).

    Crime isn't limited just to them. And the Xeloxi have access to a special Policy that spreads crime through all of their trade routes, and all of their Command Ships spread Crime to all neutral or enemy worlds in their radius. Just having a Xeloxi Command Ship hanging out in your system is a very bad thing.

    They have the following Command Ships available:
    • Eufemie's Skiff- A strong attack ship made to raid other civilizations.
    • Lenore's Wake- An attack ship with the chance to capture defeated enemies.
    • Marisail- A strong missile ship able to attack from a distance.
    • Killigrew- A legendary ship whose reputation earns Control for every successful battle.
    • Ladgerda- A skirmish ship able to flee from battles it is losing.
    • Elegy of the Xeloxi- This warship completely heals after each battle. If it is to be destroyed, it must be done all at once.
    • Yesenda's Bridge- Unlike the other Xeloxi Command Ships that increase crime to nearby worlds by a flat amount, this ship increases Crime based on its level and at high levels can destroy nearby planets economies.
  • Loyalty System- Your leaders each individually determine how much they like or hate you. This is influenced by differences in ideology between you and that leader, improvements you build on their planet if they are a governor (every governor wants an elaborate manor to rule from). It is also modified by events. Leaders who dislike you can cause problems, sowing dissent in your empire or speaking out against you. They may even abandon you entirely, taking their planet or command ship with them or resign their post as a minister or diplomat. But, leaders with high loyalty can offer additional support and bonuses as well.
  • Leader Actions- You have more ways to interact with your leaders.
    • Cybernetic Implants- Once the appropriate tech is known you can enhance your leaders, boosting their Resolve, Intelligence and Diligence permanently.
    • Gift- Harmony Crystals are a popular status symbol among the elite. By gifting them to your leaders you can increase their loyalty to you.
    • Fire- Leaders can be removed from any position. But they won't like it.
    • Execute- An easy way to deal with troublesome leaders. But the rest of your leaders will not look kindly on it. As a positive side effect, it will improve your Intimidation.
  • New Battle Graphics- zooming in will now show your entire fleet on the main map. Including being able to zoom in close on battles and see both fleets fighting.
  • New Galactic Achievements- Three new Galactic Achievements have been added.
    • Against the Tide- This challenge is not for the faint of heart. By accepting it every civilization in the game will declare war on you and you alone. They will come for you. You have to survive 100 turns before you can even attempt to negotiate peace with them.
    • Awakened Urges- The space monster's breeding cycle has begun. All of their nests will begin to produce massive amounts of new space monsters and they will no longer be constrained to the areas around their nests. You don't have to destroy them to accomplish their achievement, you only have to survive them.
    • Penultipox- A deadly disease has spread throughout the galaxy, crippling the growth of organic species and killing trillions. Only one civilization will be able to develop the cure and once that is done the only way to get it is to trade for it. If you develop the cure will you trade it to the other civilizations that need it or keep it to yourself? If you aren't the first to develop the cure what will you do to get it?
  • New Map Generation- Sectors are now generated as a spiral around the galaxy heart. More control given to players in galaxy setup for starting sector size and distance to other players. Resource distribution updates to provide more variety.


  • Multiple fixes for stuck turns
  • So many crash fixes
  • Fixed an issue with governors with the Paranoid and Opportunistic traits
  • fixed the Planning ideology not giving its logistics bonus
  • Fixed a missing tech in the trade routes dialog
  • Fixed the Approval relic not applying its bonus
  • Fixed Harmony Crystals not applying their bonus
  • Fixed the Orbital Storage imp
  • Fixed the Enterprise ideology trait
  • Fixed the Swamped colonization event 2nd option
  • (10/25) Fixed an issue where influence was growing too quickly
  • (10/25) Fixed an issue where fleet XP was going to fighters/drones
  • (10/25) Fixed weapon type damage resistance strings being to long
  • (10/25) Fixed Control relics
  • (10/25) Fixed a missing string in the options window
  • (10/25) Fixed the Famine event so that it won't effect the Yor
  • (10/26) Typo fixes
  • (10/26) Fixed an issue where the Xeloxi would still be at war with the Pirates
  • (10/26) More crash fixes
  • (10/26) Made it easier to select governors for Leader actions


  • Colonies no longer grow beyond the initial citizen (this was crippling food production for human and AI players)
  • Added a Life relic, which boosts growth rates on your worlds
  • Added a Control relic, which grants you Control for Executive orders
  • Players start with a probe
  • Survey ships take 3 turns to survey anomalies
  • Starbase tech provides 5 free modules
  • Removed the ability to trade planets and starbases
  • Added the Irrigation Network improvement back
  • Added the Governor's Manor improvement (improves the loyalty of the Governor on that world)
  • Governor Loyalty is no longer modified by the approval of citizens on their world, citizens approval is still impacted by governor loyalty (ie: citizens on worlds where governors love/hate you have a higher/lower approval).
  • Increased the range pirates/ space monsters and sentinels will travel.
  • Reduced logistics costs for larger ships.
  • Resistance Bonus and Soldiering are now based on the citizen's Resolve.
  • Reduced the number of anomalies slightly.
  • Added a late game tech which reveals more anomalies.
  • Added two new late game techs which unlock additional ship upgrade components.
  • Experience points are now weighted based on how much damage each ship did.


  • Technology Library screen added
  • Robot Advisor added
  • Converted a lot of anomaly events to notifications so players arent getting constant popups
  • New Iconian leader
  • New Torian leader
  • New Arcean leader
  • Fleet stat breakdown tooltips are now nested
  • Siege shots only strike the attacking fleets side of the planet
  • Artifacts have been moved into the Mode panel
  • There are now advisor recommendations for ship in the shipyard to help guide new players
  • Cleaned up the shipyard tooltip
  • Cleaned up the starbase tooltip
  • Added support for stat breakdowns from stat breakdown in nested tooltips
  • New thumbnails added for all relics
  • Added a tooltip explaining that you couldn't trade while at war
  • New cinematic shown during the first invasion
  • New cinematic shown during the first election
  • New cinematic shown during the first subspace stream trip
  • New cinematic shown during the first trade route
  • New cinematic shown during the first anomaly survey
  • Polish pass on the Sol solar system
  • (10/26) Cleaned up the Diplomacy tooltip to not overlap
  • (10/26) Updated Festron map colors so they are distinct form the Corporate Sector


  • The AI does a better job of evaluating credits for trades
  • Fixed an issue where the AI might not research Universal Translator
  • AI now does a better job placing districts
  • AI does a better job specializing its citizens
  • AI does a better job of using executive orders


  • New Altarian theme


  • New thumbnails for all the Baratak ships
  • Updated Drath ships with a scale design
  • New Navigator command ship art
  • New Yor command ship art
  • New Terran command ship art
  • (10/26) Updated Arcean ship materials